Friday, May 8, 2009

A first

Somehow, my wife has convinced me to start a blog. So here I am to give it a go. She knows me better than anyone and knows the only way I will keep up with this is if it is all about a subject I am passionate about, and for me, that is sports. So I might as well just jump right in.

I have a few plans for this blog. I plan to share my thoughts about games. With the warmer weather here I will be doing a lot of golfing so I will talk about that. I am also involved in a few fantasy baseball leagues and that topic will also be covered here. When trades and drafts take place,  I will have something to say. And when there are scandals in the sports wife will probably make me talk about it!

Of course I have to comment on the 50 game suspension of Manny Ramirez. What the heck is wrong with these guys? They are living a life most people can only dream of, playing a game for a living (an over the top living), and they risk throwing it all away on steroids! Besides the health risks involved with steroid use and the fact that it is ILLEGAL, it is just disgusting that kids actually look up to these guys. What kind of message is that sending? I know it is not their job to be "role models" and all that, but, like it or not, they chose a profession that puts them right in the public eye. Use your status for good, man.

On TV tonight...a lot of flipping channels. The B's, the C's, and the Sox all play tonight. Currently the Bruins are trailing in their play-off series 2 games to 1. The Celtics v. Magic series is tied at one game each. And the Sox take on the Rays at Fenway. I will be back tomorrow with my thoughts on tonight's match-ups.


Terri and Bob said...

I am right there with you on the suspension. I cannot believe the money they make plus give up something that so many want and so few have. I have to say, I am a Cards fan through and through but I think we will have plenty to share. This is Terri of Bob and Terri but Bob will chime in from time to time, if he agrees with me!

gayled said...

Hey Kevin I feel like I know you via Kristen (GLU) so I thought I would jump in here too...I have 2 grown sons and a daughter and my boys played baseball all the way from T-ball through Varsity and it really disgusts me to see crap like this on the news...someone making that kind of $$$ should have better sense and I think it sends such a negative message to our youth that to do whatever (regardless if legal or not) to make yourself the best, the strongest, etc...Kudos for you starting a blog...